Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm Unemployed

All the excellent bits and bytes I put (with others in the RND team) into the Transparency Software Vision(tm) product were not enough. The startup company I worked for since January 2005 (almost 3 years) is shutting down - I suspect the previous link to the company site would be broken pretty soon.

The investors lost faith in the company management and decided to cut their losses and take whatever's left in the company's bank account.

So I was officially fired yesterday - Sunday, September 16th 2007, and I'm now unemployed. I was actually one of the founders of the company, but being a technical guy, and not a businessman, I was a mini-founder - getting just a few percents of the original company. Oh, in my many years in the the hi-tech industry I've learned and re-learned that the developers in a startup company (no matter how good or bad they are) have little influence on the company's chances to succeed. It's much more in the hands of all the non-technical guys. It's a shame, since I'm a very good developer, and I wish I could attribute more to the success of the places I work in.

Well, wish me luck for next time... ;-)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Azureus Status Command Line Invoker

I've written a plug-in for Azureus that allows running an arbitrary command line once a download completes. You could, for example, send yourself an e-mail once this happens, but there's actually already a plug-in dedicated for this.

I'm using this plug-in to check if AVIs I download use packed bitstream, and if they do, unpack them. This way, there's one less thing to do before I can play the movie on my standalone DVD/DivX player.

For more information, see my plug-in page.