Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Drawing using Flash - Live Long and Prosper

Thanks for those kind words, Mr. Spock, and here's your portrait, as I drew using Flash CS3. It was my first attempt at drawing with Flash, and it took me a little over an hour (click to enlarge):

Now that I'm unemployed, I decided to learn some Flash. I downloaded the trial from Adobe, and started reading around. I was more interested in writing programs using ActionScript 3, but while writing those programs, I also wanted to have decent images/animations to be shown.

I could find very little information about how to draw things in Flash. This looks like a very important aspect of Flash, but even the Adobe CS3 Video Workshop neglects this issue (or at least, I couldn't find it). All the tutorials I could find were fine with animating a circle or a rectangle.

Then, a friend showed me a tutorial called Drawing Line Art with Flash. It was so simple and smart, that I had to try it right away. Don't know why, but I decided that Spock would be a good candidate, and you saw the results above. I must say I have a keen eye for what looks pleasant, but I'm definitely an amateur graphics artist (and even less than that). If I can do this with Flash, it's a great tool (at least for this purpose), and almost anyone can do it.

For reference, here's the original image, if you search the web for Spock images, you'll see this image repeated many times: